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HTS is a fast growing software development IT Company. Established in Noida(U.P) the company excels in providing cutting edge internet solutions, database development, marketing and other web solutions. The sole purpose of the company is to provide or assist the clients in their business development goals. We have a team of skilled IT Professionals who are available 24*7*365 days to support our clients in the highest degree of competence with exact helpful information.

Appointing HTS to develop our websites have helped us reach to our targeted audience! A groovy team offering unrivaled services!. .

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Web Design

At HTS, we love designing websites – the website which speaks your business and your quality. To achieve this, we follow a unique procedure. We come to you, understand your business, and craft ever pixel with utmost care and perfection.HTS Solutions has a team of skilled and seasoned web designers capable of creating a masterpiece from scratch. We are trusted as a leading web design company in India and serve our clients from across the globe.

Internet Marketing

Ranking higher in search engines is the core requirement for any online business, which can be achieved through an effective search engine optimization activity. A website ranking higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing is the guarantee of better ROI and revenue. Therefore, it is vital to hire a trustworthy SEO company which has the capabilities and experience of improving the ranking, traffic, and ROI of your website.

Software Development

We let your image make corner item and information power, in the occupied online-time. Our systems are intended to help brands pick up greatness. Along these lines, you taste the push of reason driven applications.. Impart your thoughts to our portable application advancement. We will tune in, aide and take your business-goals where you need them.

Open Source vs Proprietary CMS


CMS (Content Management System) software runs more than thousand business websites per day. CMS websites are user friendly having attractive designs, customizable themes, plugins having different functionalities. etc. The biggest question is in everyone’s mind in this digital era, that why should we develop our business websites in CMS (Content Management System)? Is it safe? Is it for long term? or is it free? Let’s find out.

Normally, there are two types Content Management Systems are being used by developers.

1. Open Source CMS
2. Proprietary CMS

Which one is better? Which one is stronger? Why should we choose one of these CMS platforms?

Open Source vs Proprietary CMS


If we take price option in our mind, Open Source CMS is best than Proprietary CMS. In an open source CMS platform, the source code is freely available for modification. Development and modification process can be done by any developer in free or by some paid developer. Basically, open source CMS is free.

Proprietary CMS is also known as closed source CMS. In this CMS platform, the source code is fully compiled and not easily and freely available to development process. Development and modification process can only be done by the manufacturer of the product. No one else can modify the source code. Proprietary CMS is not free. Its license fee is charged.


Some of the most important open source content management system platform are

  1. WordPress (PHP)
  2. Joomla (PHP)
  3. Drupal (PHP)
  4. DotNetNuke (ASP.NET Freeware)
  5. Typo3 (PHP)

All of the above platforms are free and ready to build websites. You can change the source code whenever and however you want.

Some of the best proprietary content management system platform are

  1. Kentico (ASP.NET)
  2. Telerik’s Sitefinity (ASP.NET)
  3. SiteCore (ASP.NET)
  4. Autonomy TeamSite (Java)
  5. Ektron (ASP.NET)

Above platforms and not free. Their licences are paid. You cannot change the source code of these platforms.

Website Security:

Now let us discuss about the framework and security of the above content management system platforms. Most developers choose open source platforms rather than proprietary. It does not mean that open source is more secure than proprietary . Due to large vulnerabilities, everyone has eye on open source to find out the issues to modify them. Paid developers can fix the issues in these platforms.


In case of updating process, proprietary are updating only once after quality engineers verify their safety. But in open source , updates are available most of the time. You want to update by yourself or want to set an update timing, be careful. One single line of code can ruin your whole project. Only experienced and paid developers are eligible to update these features.

Keeping all these points in mind, you have to choose which one is better? Open source CMS or proprietary CMS? Please put your valuable comments below in the comment box.


Web Development Challenges in 2015

Web Development is one of the most essential and curative task in development history. It is accelerating in an exponential rate. As time passes, more technology and updates affect directly and indirectly to the Web Development universe. Client needs more effects, more functions and more user friendly websites. More and more developers work to meet the demand of upcoming interfaces and challenges. The ability of different developers to meet and complete the challenges define their experience, stamina and most important their ability. They have to meet each and every obstacles to to compete the trending challenges. Some of the most trending and important challenges are listed below.

Web Development Challenges in 2015

Ignoring Practices

The place, the moment of development and demand of the latest technology can put pressure on developers. Some developers can accept the pressure. Even if they are not so much experienced in this field. But some of, means 60% of developers do not take the challenge seriously. “I know Everything” attitude can ruin their the whole project. So the best guideline is if you know everything, that is best. But do not stop practicing. “Practice makes man perfect.” More time in practice, more ability gain. Except this, some of the developers try to cut the corners of the projects to safe their time. They usually use the short method to complete the project. If you look such incident in your project, then discourage it.

Big Data

What is the Big Data? In 2014, it was a buzzword which most flocked. But at last few of them understood this concept. In developers language, “Big Data” means we have all the data. We can use them at any time. This concept is wrong. Finding the right data from the “Big Data” according to the consumer requirement is quite difficult and time consuming. It may like to find a gold piece in a shifting pan. For developers, this is the big challenge. This is paramount. They have to use the digital engagement in real world. A successful development strategy defines the ability of a developer to face all challenges and complete demand and requirement of a customer.

User Experience

Use how much, whatever technology in web development, customer need only one thing. Best user experience. Best browsing option. Responsive, speed and user friendly. This is not that big challenge for developers. But according to the customer, they use unique application in their website to look different from others. Which is a great example of digital world. But still, is the whole application which are being used in your website are user friendly? Are their loading speed is perfect? If the answer is no, then it can ruin your project and heads towards the bad user experience. In real world, customer needs seamless experience across all platforms. Achieving this target defines the success rate of developers in 2015.

Better Tools

Customer needs better and unique features in website, which may be complex for web developers. For client’s demand, developers use more powerful software tools. On the other hand, different businesses rely less on IT for the creation of such tools, and doing it themselves. This turns a big challenge to the developers to develop such powerful software tools to meet the target. This work is quite difficult and confusing which may cause missed the project goals. So, developers have to select the right tools at right time to avoid this bug.

Challenges in web development is not new, but using powerful developing and software tools in quite challenging. Meeting customer’s demand using these powerful tools in quite challenging. For this, developers has to use big data correctly. After that, developers will have the ability to overcome the odds in developing field.

Top 10 Free Server Monitoring Tools for System Administrators

Before starting this stuff, let us explain what is Server Monitoring? It is the a process of monitoring server’s different types of system resources like CPU Usage, disk usage, memory consumption, I/O, network, etc. Server Monitoring is really helpful to track and understand your server’s usage, so that you can plan for better user experience.

We know System Administrators love to use different free tools to make their usage easier. Nothing to worry about payment, no personal bank information required. These free tools are really useful tools for monitoring services, ports, devices and track your traffic usage from server. Lets have a look to the top 10 free server monitoring tools.

Top 10 Free Server Monitoring Tools

Here are some best 10 free server monitoring tools. Please have a look.

  1. Microsoft Network Monitor
  2. Nagios
  3. OpenNMS
  4. Advanced IP Scanner
  5. Capsa Free
  6. Fiddler
  7. NetworkMiner
  8. Pandora FMS
  9. Zenoss Core
  10. PRTG Network Monitor Freeware

Explore more about them here.

1. Microsoft Network Monitor:

Microsoft Network Monitor is one of the best free server monitoring tools, which helps to track your complete server and network activities. It is the favourite tool of different system administrators. It is a packet analyzer and it allows you to record, capture, analyze and view your network traffic. Basically this tool is used for different network troubleshooting problems and network applications. The main feature of Microsoft Network Monitor is that, it supports over 300 public and Microsoft protocols and capture the results simultaneously. this tool also provides a wireless monitor mode.

Microsoft Network Monitor

After installation of Microsoft Network Monitor, lunch it. Choose the appropriate adaptor to bind to form the main window. Go for “New Capture” to open new capture tap. Choose “Capture settings” to change your options. An the end, click “Start” to start the capturing process.

2. Nagios:

Nagios is the powerful network monitoring tool which helps to ensure that your system, network are always running. It has certain features like event handling, reporting, alerting. Nagios contains a core monitoring engine in its heart and basic web UI. If you are using Server Monitoring tools for a small environment, free version of Nagios XI is the best option. Nagios is nothing but the pre-configured enterprise class version which has been built on Nagios Core.



3. OpenNMS:

OpenNMS provides automated discovery solutions, notification and event management, performance management, etc. OpenNMS is one type of open source enterprise grade management system. This tool is suitable to iphone, ipad, ipod touch for on-the-go access.



4. Advanced IP Scanner:

Advanced IP Scanner is one of the fastest and easiest to use network scanner. It detects any type of network devices like phones, WIFI routers, printers, etc., on your network. Advenced IP Scanner allows you to connect with common network services such as HTTP, FTP and folder sharing, if they are enabled on the remote machine.

Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner

5. Capsa Free:

Capsa Free is one of the best server monitoring tools used by expert system administrators. This network analyzer  allows you to monitor your server network traffic, troubleshoot different unwanted network issues and analyze different network packets. Capsa Free supports over 300 network protocols,messenger filters like MSN and Yahoo Messenger, monitor your email activity on server and customize the complete report and dashboard.

Capsa Free

Capsa Free

6. Fiddler:

Fiddler is a web debugging server monitoring tool which captures HTTP traffic between chosen computers and the Internet. Fiddler also allows you to analyze your incoming and outgoing data, which is helpful to monitor and modify the requests and responses before they hit the browser. Fiddler provides you complete detailed information about your HTTP traffic and can be used for testing the complete performance of your websites. It can also be used for security testing of your web applications.



7. NetworkMiner:

NetworkMiner is one of the favourite server monitoring tools for system administration process. It captures the network packets and parses the data to extract files and images from the existing network. This information helps you to reconstruct the events that a user has taken on the network. You can find the complete details simply entring the keywords. It is classed as a Network Forensic Analysis Tool  which can obtain some required information such as host name, operating system, port names, etc.


8. Pandora FMS:

Pandora FMS is one type of performance monitoring tool which can be used for network monitoring process. The management tools present on this helps you to track your server, different sorts of web applications and communications. Additional advanced event correlation system allows you to create alerts based on events from different sources and notify administrators before an issue generates.

Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS

9. Zenoss Core:

Zenoss Core is another powerful open source server monitoring platform. It monitors different web applications, servers, server storage, networking and virtualization and provides availability and performance statistics to the user. It has an event handling system and an advanced notification system which alerts user when issue generates.

Zenoss Core

10. PRTG Network Monitor Freeware:

PRTG Network Monitor Freeware is one of the most powerful server monitoring tool user by system administrators.  It helps top track network availability and network usage on the server using a variety of protocols like SNMP, Netflow and WMI. It is a powerful tool that offers web-based interface and apps for iOS and Android operating systems.

PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor

Google Panda : Punch from Google

Google Panda

As per the latest updates, Last year was the worst year for SEO experts, business owners and webmasters. Because, there was one of the most important algorithm called Panda, updates from Google in the same month, which badly affected websites ranking as well as popularity. Lets have a small discussion about these two stuffs of Google.

Panda : Most crucial Google Algirithm Update

Panda is the most important algorithm updates from Google. Every SEO Experts, business owners should be aware of this Google update. Both algorithms have their own characteristics. It have its own set of factors on which they keep updating. For these updates, many websites get hit and cause loss in popularity as well as in ranking. So, please have a look on a small survey made by our team on these Google Algorithm Updates.

Internet marketing

Google Panda hits

Google Panda:

Panda is Google’s search result ranking algorithm. It was released in February 2011. The main mission of this algorithm is to down the rank of different low quality sites or thin sites. Vice versa, high quality sites will get the top spot in search engine results. This algorithm affects almost 12% of search results. If you have a large number of advertising for your website, then definitely, your website will be affected by Google Panda Update.

Normally Google Panda is al algorithm which creates a ratio with the inbound links present in a website and reference links to the same. The resultant ratio is being used to create sitewide modification factor, which is being later used to create the actual modification factor for a page based on the search query. If any website fails in the same, then it would rank lower in search engine result.

Panda Update:

Here is the complete list of Google Panda Algorithm Updates.

Sl No. Update No. Update Name Date of Updation
1 Panda Update 1 Panda 1.0 Feb 24, 2011
2 Panda Update 2 Panda 2.0 April 11, 2011
3 Panda Update 3 - May 10, 2011
4 Panda Update 4 - June 16, 2011
5 Panda Update 5 - July 23, 2011
6 Panda Update 6 - August 12, 2011
7 Panda Update 7 - September 28, 2011
8 Panda Update 8 Panda 3.0 Oct 19, 2011
9 Panda Update 9 - Nov 18, 2011
10 Panda Update 10 - Jan 18, 2012
11 Panda Update 11 - Feb 27, 2012
12 Panda Update 12 - March 23, 2012
13 Panda Update 13 - April 19, 2012
14 Panda Update 14 - April 27, 2012
15 Panda Update 15 - June 9, 2012
16 Panda Update 16 - June 25, 2012
17 Panda Update 17 - July 24, 2012
18 Panda Update 18 - Aug 20, 2012
19 Panda Update 19 - Sep 18, 2012
20 Panda Update 20 - Sep 27, 2012
21 Panda Update 21 - Nov 5, 2012
22 Panda Update 22 - Dec 22, 2012
23 Panda Update 23 - Dec 22, 2012
24 Panda Update 24 - Jan 22, 2013
25 Panda Update 25 - March 15, 2013
26 Panda Update 26 Panda 4.0 May 20, 2014
27 Panda Update 27 Panda 4.1 Sep 25, 2014

When Google Panda hits your website, not only it affects a specific webpage, it penalizes the whole website. So it’s our suggestion to stay updated  with all sorts of Google Algorithm updates. A small mistake  may penalize your website.


Meta Description Tag : Boon or Curse for SEO ?

HTS Solutions

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has basic on-page activities to put meta tags in website. The three most important meta tags are “Title”, “Keyword”, “Description”. In 2015, is it good to put Meta Description tag in your website? Will it harm the SEO activity in your website? Let’s Find out.

What is Meta Description Tag in SEO?

Meta Description is a small description or the snippet of your webpage within 156 characters. You have to put a small but valuable description in it for both users and crawlers. Through this tag, user engagement in your website increases as well as search engine crawlers able to track your website. For better result, put keywords in Meta descriptions. It helps to track your webpage quite early in search engine ranking.

But now the question is is your Meta Description tag is helpful to your website? Because Google found some unwanted problems in Meta Description tags of different websites. Let us discuss below.

Problems in Meta Description Tag:

Google, the giant search engine, is becoming more serious is using the meta description tags in your website. The main problem is meta description tag is, if your meta description tag is generic or non-specific, then your website may not be on top results on the basis of less relevant people searching terms. For these non-specific description in your meta description tags, people will consider it as spammy site, may lead them to your competitors.

Let us give an example. If the search term is “Samsung Galaxy S6 Review”, you will get the following results (Just example).

             Samsung Galaxy S6 Review
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review – Best Samsung Mobile Reviews

              Samsung Galaxy S6 Review
Galaxy S6 Review – Somsung Products Price and Reviews

              Samsung Galaxy S6 Review
I got my Samsung Galaxy S6, two days before. It is awesome in graphics as well as in camera. Best……

We have given three examples of demo search results of the keyword “Samsung Galaxy S6 Review”. The first two results are contained proper keywords or search terms with generic specification. These may lead the first two results non-user friendly. Because, people would think these search results may be come from spammy website. But in case of the third search result, the meta description is unique and completely specific. It sounds a complete description about the search term.

Solutions in Spammy Meta Description Tags:

As we have problem, we must have some solutions. Here are a list of solutions to solve the spammy look meta description tags of your websites.

1. Do not use a lot of keywords in your meta description tag. Use the appropriate one only once. Dumping keyword in description tag may put a bad impression.

2. Try to put correct and accurate information about your webpage in meta description tag.

3. If you are in confusion, what to put in meta description. Do not bother. Remove your meta description tag. Search engine will automatically track some normal content from your website instead of that high quality generic description.

Still in panic? Do not worry. HTS Solutions will help you out in all sort of IT services and solutions. Visit www.htswebsolutions.com for best IT assistance. HTS Solutions is located at A-73, Ground Floor, Sector – 65, Noida, UP – 201301. You can visit us for any IT Service.



Top 10 Web Design Trends in 2015

Change is the law of nature. If we look back to 10 years, web design techniques has not been changed. Everyone use same pattern of layout for their web design. We can say a common pattern which is being used over bulk of websites. This pattern includes a header part which contains menu. The footer part, which contains address, feedback, etc. Sidebar contains extra features like latest archives, recent posts. The last part is content area. It was the most common expected layout of the web. At that time we had flash options in the same layout. But it did not worked on some of them. So this formula was not helpful.

Last year, we improved the web design patterns by adding flash images, grid layouts, background videos with the help of HTML5 APIs. Now the question is which layout should emerge in 2015? What has been for us in quest? We had a survey about these web design trends which is being followed in this year. Here are our survey results for Web design trends in 2015. Please have a look.

1. Make it BigWeb design

Big and full high quality image in front page will attract the visitors. Front end developers suggest that huge background image on a website home page looks classy. It is a kind of mirror of the website. Some of the developers do not accept it. But it is useful. Instead of using long menu list on the website, you can use icons for each menu on the webpage. It will not hamper the big background image. Or, you can make the image blur and write a small description of the website on home page.

2. Split ScreenWeb Design

You can vertically divide your website and change it into two parts. This concept is actually done for ranking purpose. You can split your website screen, show those things in each part, which do you want to promote. This idea helps you give prominence to both the sides and it is also helpful for uses to find among the both.

3. No ChromeWebsite Design

Headers are one of the most important elements for any website. They contain certain boxes, borders, shapes etc. they rip the content page apart.  But in 2015, you can remove them all. This is the common trend now to remove all these extra chromes. While you remove header and footer together on a website, image the look of that. You will get only tour targeted product or image or information or content. No barrier, nothing. Yes, you can put your menus into a small navigation bar.

4. Be Responsive

While you are designing a website, you must think about several devices in which website will run. It may be PC, mobile or tablet. If your website is good at all devices, user will get interact with your website any time they want. But if not, then it will be a waste of time.

5. Innovative ScrollingWebsite Design

Scrolling feature is one of the trending web design technique. You can use both horizontal and vertical scrolling features in your website. This feature will able to catch the users and make them stay for sometimes in your website.

6. Animated DesignWebsite Design

Animation is one of the most trending and beautiful media for communication. You can design the whole concept of your website in animation and put it in your website. O the other hand, you can put some animation designs on your websites like cartoons, trees, animation stories, etc. This design looks funky, trendy.

7. Street View Navigation MenuWeb Design

Google Maps is the best example for street view. You can put your menus in a street view navigation techniques, which is very useful. It is unique and helps the users to love your website and stick on it for several times.

8. Google Maps IntegrationWeb Design Company

Google Maps is a useful tool to track your business. On the other hand, it looks trendy and funky on your website. Users will get interact with your website through Google maps. You can put your functional and visual idea in this map concept.

9. Website without BoxesWebsite Design

Design a website which never exist any boxes. Use triangle, circles to express your menus, images and information about your website. Follow the trend “Draw a box and break it.” You can use axonometric view on your website instead of all these geometrical shapes.

10. Multimedia ExperienceWeb Design

Use different Multimedia techniques to present your idea on your website. It quite out dated and abused by users. But old is gold. Use flash elements to bring life to your website. Create some visual effects on your website which will look funky and beautiful.

Here are some best 10 Web Design tends for 2015. Hope you liked them. This mantra will definitely work in 2015. As you adapt the new techniques in 2015, be sure that you will never forget the basic things.

Future of SEO and Internet Marketing

SEO is one of the best technique to make your website popular among millions. Ofcourse, it is a part of Internet Marketing. It brings reputations, increases visibility of your website. Some think SEO is Funny, some thing SEO is waste of time. But the real fact is it is the best necessity in this digital era. We can accept that it is the bane of internet world. It can bring your business to the peak of success, can destroy your business in digital era.

In few years Google has updated its algorithms many times to keep your websites safe from malicious attacks like spams. The changes in Google’s algorithm made it profound. The only single reason to update the algorithms is Google wants to do dome change. It wants to bring something new to the searchers. It wants to show them the perfect and bug free results. They do not let you use other search engines.

As per changes and updates in Google algorithms in past couple of years, we can feel that some day the search engines will able to judge the better unique and fresh content than human being. Search Engines will allow the best and well optimized websites to index in its databases, not the normal ones. So the developers should keep these things in their minds that website mus be responsible and well optimized to be index in search engine database in future.

Here are certain predictions about the Future of SEO. Please have a look.

Predictions of SEO in 2015:

1. The first one is the Page Rank and Domain Authority. According to changes in Google algorithms, we can only predict than it will affect the new bees. Oh Yes !! It is the best example of “Rich is getting richer, Poor is getting poorer.” The high page ranking site are not the best sites of search engines. The search engine gives too much credits to these high PR websites. Now the matter is if these websites will get more importance by search engines, then what will happed to the new ones? The Rookies? They would get less importance and less credit by search engines. Just because they are new. They have less page rank. This update would really bring all the new websites down to search results.

2. The second prediction is Site Age. If your site is not from the golden age of SEO, they you may punished by search engines. It matters the age of a site. If my site is built in the early days of SEO, then it will not be affected by changes in algorithms. If not, then you have to work hard. It may get hit by one of the crucial algorithm of Google. Unfortunately, the first movers are getting the advantage and more weight that the new and future websites.

3. If you think Social Networking sites play a big roll in SEO, then hold your breath. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and the platforms through which you can get attention for your website. You can get more visitors from here. But will Google allow this attention. You know, Google and Facebook are top competitors in digital era. So why Google will allow Facebook user attention on your website if you are doing SEO on Google?

4. If you are using inbound and backlinks in your website, it is more helpful to get more weight to it. But in our last prediction, we can predict that in future, search engines will give less importance to inbound links to make a website popular and fresh.

These are the most highlighted predictions for SEO in this current year. We don’t kow when the search engine change it’s algorithms. But we have to be aware. Follow all white hat procedures to stay affect free, loss free.

Why Android OS is better than IOS?

You will like Android most probably if you want better app management, total interface customization and like to enjoy the newest technologies at the best prices. Here are a few reasons for why Android OS is better than IOS:

Android OS vs iOS

There are no certain limits for customizing Android. You may have some expectations on how your phone looks like and you can bring the exactly same in Android. Moreover, you don’t need to be a tech savvy to do this. Android is highly flexible when compared to IOS. You can change each and every part of the Android interface from icons to fonts. And if you want, you may take even more control by getting the access to the operating system. This will help you install any mobile applications you want.

Great set of features

Android phones usually come with a great set of features and technologies that allow you to use your mobile in fun ways. However, it depends on the phone manufacturer. Samsung’s new phones come with excellent features like facial recognition and eye tracking. LG’s new phones can turn its screen when you double-tap it with your finger.


You can pick an Android phone that comes in your budget. Android is the default OS on many phones today. Hence, you will get a plenty of choices to choose from. If you don’t have enough money, you can even get an Android phone at free of cost for two-year contract.

Installation of Apps from anywhere

One of the best thing about Android is, you can install mobile applications from anywhere in the internet. You can simply go to the Google Play Store, log in with your Google account and click install in the application you want. If you want to try any new app, you can download the beta version of that app from a reliable source and start using it in your mobile.

Increasing online website traffic through search engine optimization(seo)

SEO is short for search engine optimization.You optimize your website to increase ratings in prominent search engines. this process involves getting website traffic from general search results that are free and natural as well as editorials from search engines. Huge search engines such as Google, yahoo, Bing and Wikipedia among others have basic searches in which web page contents as well as the web pages themselves are listed and ranked based on the search engines perception of relevance to its users. Data collected this way helps make search engines more intellectual.

Internet traffic can be considered as the flow(upload/download ) of data throughout the world wide web. internet is distributed all over the world and for this reason it very hard to measure the total internet flow. while public access points can provide indications of internet usage its still not possible to measure traffic within single service providers and across private access points. Internet traffic is the building block for search engine optimization.

Online Website Traffic, seo, internet marketing, are all linked. To increase your online website traffic, you have to find the right keywords and spots so that the website can be discovered and ranked high on search results. this eventually leads to more people viewing your content. Understanding what people search for when they are looking for you type of website and then carefully inserting some of this words within the contents of you website so that when users search for this words or phrases they show up among the first on the search engine list. This is one of the most effective way of increasing website traffic and marketing your website. remember, the more people visiting your site the more revenue it generates. there are sites that offer search engine optimization services.

CMS Website Ensures Success Of Your On-line Business


Content Management System is an application allowing multiple users with different permission levels manage the content and data on the website. The tasks of managing content involve creating, editing, publishing, archiving, reporting and distributing information, data and content on the website. It is important to note that these tasks do not require the knowledge of HTML.

Using such an uncomplicated system, you can easily add, remove images, edit text and update with new information on your website on the fly. CMS also provides features like unlimited number of pages and search engine for the whole site.

A CMS allows you to manage the content of your website, if you just have experience of working with Microsoft Word! No need to have HTML or programming knowledge. It is possible to edit or update your website from any web browser from any corner of the world, even from your smartphone.

Of course, the success of your website depends to a great extent on the quality of content. But the Content Management System you select has a direct bearing on the success of your online business, as it helps you to streamline the content and presents it to your audience in most logical and intuitive way and besides, helps you to maintain the website easily in very proficient manner. A professional CMS Website Development firm ensures that the website is rapidly found searches with major search engines and is ranked high. The CMS websites should be built to meet the SEO requirements. The design of CMS website ensures that HTML layout is well streamlined, having no nested tables for example, so that it is easy for crawlers to read.

Another great advantage of CMS is that it is possible to run the multi-lingual websites. CMS automatically identifies the language of the user’s browser and displays the site in the user language if available.

CMS Development involves both proficiency in the programming as well as a deep understanding of specific business needs and consequently, how best the content of a business organization can be made to attract and impress your visitors. Content Management System plays major role in making your website a platform for the success of your online business.